“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

(Confucius 551 – 479 BC – Chinese Teacher and Philosopher) 


One major venue for a better working environment is the internet and cyber space.  Much work can now be managed online and carried out at locations other than the traditional workplace. Living and working is no longer confined within a commuting radius of the employer, thereby expanding available employment opportunities and living options to a global environment.


Like a stroke of magic, the workplace of the future has suddenly become a movable feast. With the aid of new technology, you can  now
work from home, at local centers with other people sharing ideas and facilities and even ‘on location’ where your customers are based.


In so doing, you are helping to reduce or eliminate wasteful commuting, thereby freeing up time, reducing congestion and pollution and conserving scarce resources and energy.  From the perspective of the employer, overhead can be reduces substantially with less office space, workstations and facilities required. Much of the company has now become virtual!


But the magic does not stop here…


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