The local Job Tickets menu has only 3 items (light blue):


                 Create New Ticket


To create a new Job Ticket:


  1. Click on Create New Ticket.
  2. Select the desired setting in the Category field drop-down menu. If non of the predefined categories match the job
    description,  select General.
  3. Select the Employee in the drop-down menu who has responsibility for the job.
  4. Chose the level of Priority in the pull-down menu (high/medium/low).
  5. Write a brief heading in the Subject field, that describes the job (must be filled in).
  6. Write a precise and detailed Description of the job in the text-editor (must be filled in).
  7. Attach files to the Job Ticket such as images, sound bites, pdf-documents etc. if desired by clicking on the light grey 
    Chose Files button.
  8. Save the new Job Ticket by clicking on the pink Submit Ticket button.



If you want to clear the contents of your new Job Ticket before saving and re-enter your data, just click on the Reset Form Button to clear        the contents.