Job Tickets is the first module in The Wizard’s Wand’s support system – “The Magical World of Wizardry” – which is currently being developed.

The module enables the user to create job tickets on-line and follow the progress of each Job assigned. Furthermore, the module provides an overview of all jobs on an ongoing basis including current status and time consumed.

Create New Tickets

Initially the user creates a new ticket, where the task is given a simple subject heading and described in detail with the option of attaching files such as images or sound bites to the message. The new ticket is assigned to one employee and given a number of parameters such as status and priority.

Working with Job Tickets

Once a new ticket has been opened, all users can add comments and files and change the priority of the job ticket. All comments are stacked vertically with tabs for easy access.

The Job Ticket module features a comprehensive search function to retrieve job tickets and display selected tickets in a table for easy monitoring of the overall work flow. Here the number of billable hours spent on each job ticket is also displayed.

It is advisable that each job ticket is confined to a specific and clearly defined task. Projects that are more extensive should ideally be broken down into several individual job tickets of a manageable size. Also it is recommended, that a job ticket always is assigned to the employee who is in charge of the task being implemented, even though several employees can work on the same job ticket.