Once a Job Ticket has been opened, it is possible to add new comments and files to the Job Ticket in an ongoing dialog between the parties involved until the job is completed and the ticket is closed. Each new comment is stacked in tabs underneath the text-editor in the Job Ticket panel with the latest comment on top. Simply click on the tabs to read the messages and retrieve any attached files.


To update a Job ticket:


  1. Open the desired Job Ticket (please refer to “Retrieve Job-Ticket” in this manual).
  2. Write your comment in the text editor.
  3. Attach one or more files to your comments by clicking on the grey Select Files button.
  4. You can change the priority status of the Job Ticket by clicking on the white bottom left drop-down Priority button below the text editor. Please note, that you must write a comment in the text editor in order to update the changes, you have made to the Job Ticket.
  5. Submit your comments by clicking on the pink Submit Reply button located to the right below the text editor. Your comment is now registered in the system.